Minister challenged for Straight Answer.

Carmarthenshire Assembly Member Angela Burns is seeking a straight answer from the Minister For The Environment. During question time Mrs Burns said; “Minister, the science review states that no scientific evidence exists to assess whether vaccinating badgers will reduce the incidence of TB in cattle. Therefore, can you clearly confirm to the Chamber today that badger vaccination was the preferred option for reducing the incidence of bovine TB in wildlife of both the chief veterinary officer and the chief scientific adviser to the Welsh Government?”

After question time Mrs Burns commented; “I was very disappointed with the Ministers response, he waffled on about Government policy but did not answer my direct question. I have now put in an FOI, this is important because as somebody who supported the cull and I need to understand what has changed so dramatically in one year.”

“I know that last time, the Chief Vet went to into great detail to ensure the previous decision met stringent scientific objectives, and I want confirmation that the advisers really believe the situation has changed so dramatically.”