Local AM calls for more support for Electric Cars

Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Angela Burns used a debate in the Welsh Assembly to call for more Government action to support electric vehicles.

In the week that the UK government announced that they would be seeking to ban the sale of new petrol or diesel propelled vehicles by 2035 attention has turned to assessing the use of electric vehicles.

The debate, which was tabled by Conservative AM David Melding, called on home builders to include at least one electric car charging point as standard in their new builds and to make other provisions to make charging points more accessible.

The motion passed with a majority of 33 votes and although not legally binding demonstrates to the Welsh Government the feelings of the Assembly.

Commenting following the debate Angela said

“As we become more aware of the damaging effects of fossil fuels on our environment we have a duty to embrace new cleaner technologies in our everyday lives to protect our children’s futures.  

“Many of us rely on our cars to travel both locally and further afield, without fully recognising the impact that even a short journey has on the environment.

“I was pleased to take part in this private members bill debate where we were able to discuss the infrastructure needed to help encourage the move to electric powered cars.

“The Westminster Governments announcement to bring the ban on new fossil fuel powered cars forward by five years sends a great message, but we need to ensure that we take everyone with us on this journey, make electric powered cars more affordable and ensure that the charging infrastructure is there to support this move.

“I welcome the actions of organisations such as National Trust to provide charging points on their land and also make their vehicle fleet electric and I know that both Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire County Councils are increasing the numbers of charging points at sites they own.

“I understand the challenge, especially in rural areas of developing a comprehensive network of charging facilities, but the more homes and public buildings that have such points, the more up take there will be of such vehicles”.