Assembly Member encourages community to come together to assist those most at threat from virus

This week a small number of residents of Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire will have received letters from the Chief Medical Officer informing them that they must self-isolate for the coming 12 weeks.

These letters are being sent to people who must be shielded because they are deemed to be the most at risk if they contract Covid-19 and it is vitally important that, as communities, we step up and help protect these super vulnerable individuals. They may be individuals who are mid cancer treatment or have may have severe respiratory conditions or life limiting illnesses.

The letter details the reasons why recipients will have received the letter and the extra steps that can be taken to keep themselves safe.

Commenting Angela Burns said

“I am pleased that so many responsible citizens have heeded Government advice and are adhering to social isolation and social distancing rules which are in place to keep everyone safe. However for a small section of our population it is even more important that these rules are observed as their health situation may not enable them to fight off the disease as effectively as others.

“I encourage those who have received this letter to strictly follow the advice that it offers and I urge anyone who is friendly or related to a recipient of this letter to do all they can to offer support over the coming couple of months. Whether it be doing their shopping, walking their pet or just picking up the phone and having a chat, now is the time for us all to come together.

“For those who are isolating and have no one that they can call on I encourage you to contact the relevant local authority to seek the help of volunteers who have been coming forward to help for this very reason.  Please don’t feel that you are alone there is always someone there to help you.

“Together we can beat this disease. We are all making changes to our everyday lives, but it is vital that everyone follows the advice of the Government to Stay at Home to Save Lives.”