AM appointed “Bat Champion”

As part of Wales Environment Link campaign to promote the importance of biodiversity in Wales, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Assembly Member Angela Burns has been appointed as the Greater Horseshoe Bat champion.

The role will provide the opportunity to learn more about the rare species which has seen a 90% decline over the last 100 years in the UK due to loss of its favoured habitat and breeding sites. Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire are one of only three areas in Wales where these bats can now be found.

Fellow Assembly Members are being named champions of other indigenous wildlife with the hope that politicians will consider the impact that decisions taken in the Assembly may have on the future of a range of welsh wildlife.

Speaking  following a meeting with Steve Lucas of the Bat Conservation Trust Angela said;

“I am delighted to support this initiative and I feel that it is a great way of making us think again about the impact that decisions taken in the Assembly have on our wildlife. As a member representing a predominantly rural constituency I feel that I do have a good grasp on the importance of our environment and why it should be preserved and championed.  However it was enlightening to spend some time discussing wildlife protection with Steve and learning more about the important part that bats play in our ecosystem.

I have been lucky enough to share my home with bats and my family have loved seeing these amazing creatures flying in and out of our attic as the night draws in. I hope that in acting as a champion for bats in the Assembly I can play my part in reducing a decline in numbers and help to safeguard their future.”